Keynote Speaker

Caryl R. Lucas is a high-energy motivational speaker, author, life coach and advocate for women & girls. 

Affectionately known as "Coach Caryl", this entrepreneur is a trusted partner and problem-solver for many women helping them tackle issues and improve the quality of their personal and professional lives. She also speaks and facilitates seminars on reinvention, women & entrepreneurship, health issues, life balance, spirituality and women's empowerment. 

She is a former news reporter at the Star Ledger Newspaper in Newark, NJ. She has also served as spokeswoman for the New Jersey Secretary of State before embarking on her journey as an entrepreneur. 

She is currently the President & CEO of Coach on Call, LLC. She is the author of Spiritual Nap Journal: Wisdom & Affirmations for Women on the Journey to Happiness, Gratitude, & Abundance; Unstoppable Girls Gratitude Journal; Fearless: A Bold Approach to Reinventing Your Life; and Aunt Sarah's Recipes for A Long & Spirit Filled Life.‚ÄčType your paragraph here.

Tina & Louise

The Phenomenal Women Expo was created by event production team "Tina & Louise". With the goal of inspiring women of all ages to reach their true potential in this world. Through fun and dynamic dialogue we are attempting to create an environment for women to be their best selves. 


According to the organization Heart of Leadership 7 out of 10 women suffer from low self-esteem. Women believe that they are not good enough or do not measure up in some way including their looks, body shape, and outlook on life.

All women have imperfections. It's what she does with her imperfections that makes her phenomenal. A phenomenal woman can be any religion, age, nationality, shape, or size. She is phenomenal because she is true to herself. We strive to assist every woman to become phenomenal in her own skin. When she awakens to her true self she can move mountains. 

The Phenomenal Women Expo & Luncheon this year will instruct women on handling life's challenges. "Life isn't about watching the storm pass. Life is about learning to dance in the rain."

Event Founders

Louise Dunlock & Tina Garrett

Coach Caryl Lucas

Speaker, Author, & Life Coach

The Unstoppable Motivator